Donate What Feels Good

While I am apprenticing under Andrea Dupuis (and maybe beyond), I am offering donation-based services, and welcoming all participants to donate whatever feels good for you. Yep, even $0 if that's the number that feels good to you. 

Your right price exists somewhere in your body. Feel into it and you will find your number. Notice if it comes with any long-winded narratives from your mind. The longer the narrative, the more likely it is that your response is influenced by fear. Money often brings up lack wounds that get our minds busy, so if that happens, don't judge it, just notice it.

Astrology can only help you as much as you are willing to engage with it. Entering into a reading having invested resources toward it will connect you to the information in a deeper way than receiving it for free. Adding resources that you value to the pot makes the pot more valuable, see?

All readings are a minimum of one hour, and the quality of my reading will be the same regardless of your investment. Larger donations communicate that you want more out of the reading, so they will naturally be longer and go into more detail. I am thorough, detailed, and put a lot of energy into preparing for every reading. I promise to always show up to a reading refreshed, resourced, and ready to serve you as a clear channel.

This model is uncommon in modern society, so it's natural to be suspicious or uncomfortable with it. While I encourage you to listen to your own inner wisdom and make a decision, I also understand that some people feel safer with clearly set prices. If this is you, please let me know what you're looking to get out of your reading and I will be happy to offer you a fixed price, discounted while I am non-certified.