An astrology reading is a deeply personal exploration into the blueprint of who you were born in this lifetime to become. This is beautiful, delicate work, and I take your trust very seriously. Everything in this reading will be kept strictly confidential*, and my intention is to always approach potentially sensitive topics with care.

*The only exception to this is the single individual for whom I give a reading to become certified as a Mystic Astrologer. This person knows who they are; I will not surprise anyone with a shared reading.


Astrology is a mirror; its power is in its ability to reflect back to you what is already true. Please be aware that astrology can easily plant seeds, but that is not my intention, nor is it the intention of any ethical astrologer. I am also a human and I err at times. If something doesn't feel right to you, let it go, and also let me know! You will know if something resonates, so keep what you find helpful and leave the rest!


As Mystic Astrologers, we believe that events on Earth are not pre-destined and your future is not set in stone. You are a powerful, sovereign being with free will, and your natal chart merely provides a blueprint for how your life may unfold. It shows you which celestial bodies can more easily support you, and which will provide you with the challenges necessary to grow. 

Only you get to decide how you would like to play in the great sandbox of life!